Frequently asked questions about our artificial turf

Synthetic Putting Greens FAQs

What makes your artificial putting surface unique?

After extensive testing on dozens of options, we determined that PAR Turf series best simulates natural grass surface. If you've ever putted on synthetic turf before, you probably noticed a "wobble" as the ball came to a rest. Not with Putters Edge PAR turf! Our special "tufting" process has eliminated the "wobble" - plus, there is no grain in our proprietary nylon PAR turf, allowing putts to roll the same speed in every direction!

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How is PAR Turf™ different from other synthetic turf?

The difference between PAR turf fibers and other synthetic golf turf begins with the manufacturing process. Our specially designed spring set nylon turf fibers are manufactured to interlock with each other, creating a realistic look and feel. The older style sand-filled polypropylene turfs require deep sand infill to support the fibers. Sand-filled putting greens can become hard, messy, very grainy, and require additional maintenance. PAR Turf™ requires no deep sand in-fill.

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What is the stimp speed of the putting turf?

The stimp speed will depend on the turf you choose and the primary purpose of the green. Mimicking high-end championship greens, our PAR Tour rolls to an 11.5 on the Stimp Meter. Our PAR 2 Plus rates a stimp of 10.3 which more closely replicates the roll on a typical course. And our PAR 2, which can hold a shot from 25 yards, stimps at 9.5.

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How well does Home Putting Solutions turf hold up outdoors?

Home Putting Solutions' turfs are assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene & nylon, water-resistant fibers. Our turf carries a 10 year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze and sun. Home Putting Solutions putting green turfs have been installed everywhere from the freezing climates of Canada, the humidity of Florida, and of course the intense heat of our beloved Florida.

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Can the putting surface be replaced?

Home Putting Solutions putting greens can be easily replaced, but that shouldn't be necessary for many years. Putters Edge PAR Turf synthetic nylon turf is the strongest putting turf available and the matting-resistant fibers continue to bounce back to their original position.

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What about sand-filled synthetic turf?

Most deep sand-filled synthetic turf has straight end fibers that must be sand filled and periodically rolled with a heavy water-filled sod roller. Our turf fibers are manufactured to stand-up naturally, to reflect the look and feel of a real green! Plus, unlike other synthetic fibers, our fibers are made with a dulled finish, rather than made shiny. This also helps create a natural, realistic looking putting green.

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Is the outdoor turf maintenance free?

Our nylon PAR putting turfs require no maintenance to maintain their realistic playability characteristics - unlike greens constructed of sand-filled polypropylene which require periodic sanding, brushing, top dressing and water rolling. The non-sand filled turf is as maintenance free as it gets, even when partially infill assisted/weighted. Our specially designed, interlocking spring set fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the fiber. Even our infill-assisted/weighted putting greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. You can even vacuum our turf!

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How do I clean the putting green?

Just use a regular leaf blower or even a vacuum cleaner. If a liquid other than water is spilled on turf blot with a dry towel, or use a light detergent.

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Why shouldn't I install a real grass putting green?

Real bent grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require extensive daily maintenance. Just ask a golf course superintendent or anyone who has owned a real grass putting green about required putting green maintenance - it's simply not practical for the individual homeowner.

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Can a Home Putting Solutions green be sculpted with breaks?

Yes, your new putting green can be fully sculpted with breaks & undulations! We will help you customize the green to your specifications... as smooth or unusual as you like, in just about any size or shape. It's all up to you. We will walk you through the artificial putting green design process.

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Which regions does Home Putting Solutions service?

Short answer? We provide golf and putting green turf and installation, synthetic sports turf and artificial lawns for front yards, backyards, landscaping and patios to South Florida. See our full map of servicing areas for more details.

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How can I get started?

It's easy! Just email or call us to begin the process. We'll come to your location for a free consultation where you can see and experience our synthetic putting turf and we can take a look at your designated putting green location and collaborate on your ideas. There are lots of artificial turf companies in Florida — we strive to exceed your expectations with our customer service and our ability to design/build the perfect putting green for your environment and needs. Depending on the size and location of your putting green, complete base-building &synthetic turf installation generally takes 2-4 days.

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Synthetic Grass Lawn Turf FAQs

What is a synthetic lawn?

A synthetic grass lawn is an outdoor landscaping option that allows you to have a beautiful, natural looking, perfectly green lawn month-after-month, year-after-year - without the hassle! You don't have to worry about mowing, fertilizing, watering, applying pesticides or any other type of growth and health lawn maintenance. It's unbelievable how realistic our artificial lawn products look - give us a call and we'll show you our broad variety of turf options.

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How is a synthetic lawn installed?

In general terms, there are four steps to the process. First, we provide the design and site preparation which may consist of removing existing landscaping. Second, we prepare the sub-base which may include an aggregate base for drainage and a finer base for shaping and achieving a smooth service. The third step involves installing the actual lawn turf. Lawn turf comes on 15 ft rolls (like carpet). The turf is seamed as required, cut to shape and pinned using a variety of landscaping pins and stakes. Finally, the infill materials are installed to support the fibers and to serve as a ballast for the lawn system.

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Why does the lawn turf require an infill?

All quality lawn turfs require an infill to help support the turf fibers. This is required to achieve the aesthetic characteristic of the lawn blades standing up as they do with a natural grass lawn. In addition to the aesthetic value, the turf fibers are supported and protected by the infill system and the infill acts as a weighting agent for the lawn system. The most popular infill option is a combination of sand and rubber. The rounded sand provides excellent weighting and won't damage the turf fibers. The rubber portion of the mixed infill results in a natural, comfortable feeling as you walk, play, or sit on your lawn. We also offer a high-tech infill product that can reduce the surface temperature of your synthetic lawn during hot summer months.

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Are synthetic lawns good with kids and pets?

Absolutely - they are perfect. Whereas natural grass lawns are difficult to keep looking nice with frequent play by children and pets - a Home Putting Solutions artificial grass lawn system will always look perfect and will withstand the impact of heavy use. Our lawn turfs drain, so that water and pet accidents will wash right through. The synthetic turf fibers and the infill are made of materials that will not absorb or retain pet waste odors. Your synthetic lawn can be washed with a garden hose and a periodic raking will ensure that the blades are standing up nicely - the perfect lawn.

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Will the lawn fade under our intense Florida sun?

Our synthetic grass lawn turfs carry an 8-year warranty against excessive fading. The artificial lawn blades have the UV-treatment built into the blade itself - it's mixed with the polyethylene while it's still in liquid form. So, you don't have to apply any type of spray-on UV treatment as with some artificial turf products. Will the turf fade? - technically yes, practically no. The shade of green will change slightly after several years - but you won't be able to distinguish the change with the naked eye. In fact, Home Putting Solutions' synthetic lawn turf actually becomes even more natural looking over time.

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How long will the synthetic lawn last?

Home Putting Solutions' lawn turfs come with an 8-year limited warranty. Under normal residential conditions, the actual life expectancy is 15-25 years.

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What kind of maintenance does the synthetic lawn require?

A light raking (plastic) or brooming (soft bristle) are recommended on a periodic basis to keep the blades standing nicely and looking their best. If the lawn is primarily decorative (light traffic) then the brooming or raking frequency will be less. A leaf blower can be used to remove leaves, twigs, etc.

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Synthetic lawns & putting greens: Are they good for the environment?

Absolutely - an emphatic and resounding YES! Water is a precious resource and we are all well aware of the significant efforts to ensure that we use our water resources wisely. With a Home Putting Solutions synthetic lawn or putting green, you get the functional and aesthetic beauty of a natural-looking grass landscape - without the water consumption.

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Where can it be installed? Is there flexibility in size and shapes?

Your Home Putting Solutions artificial lawn can be installed in just about any location imaginable - including all those places where you would install natural grass. Since synthetic grass lawn turf is installed like carpet, the lawn can be cut to fit or shape any areas - around pools, flower beds, decking, walkways, etc. There are virtually no limits to where your new artificial lawn can be placed and how it can be shaped.

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