Synthetic Turf Industry - Be Your OWN Boss

 Hello my name is Lavon Zehr, Owner of Home Putting Solutions, LLC.

Home Putting Solutions started with my passion for golf and the first putting green I installed in my very own backyard.  

After spending 15 years on a premier 18-hole golf course in the Midwest it dawned on me that anyone that can hold a golf club... young, old, the novice golfer to the pro golfer, shared the love and look of a perfectly manicured putting green you see on the golf course.

After little deliberation, I took the leap of becoming my own boss.  I wanted to deliver that fun and luxury directly to home owners and businesses alike.  From the very first installation my dream was brought to fruition.  The people loved it.  It gave families time together.  It gave the serious golfer time alone to hone their craft.  It was a hit!

My team and I here at Home Putting Solutions have fined tuned every aspect of the company.  We have done extensive market research and have stayed ahead of the technological advances in turf all while being tested and manufactured in the USA.  I feel it's time to share the wealth in this very profitable market.

Yes, this is your opportunity to not only make money, but put yourself in a position to network and work with an array of clients.  You'll  find yourself potentially selling to multi-millionaires, multi-property owners, pro-athletes and the everyday 9-5'er.  With you being your own boss you have the power and final say on the networking you want to do.  Yet set the schedule that is conducive to your current life situation. And the amount of money you make, well you guessed it, it's all up to you.... You are the boss!

You will not only have access to exclusive and cutting edge turf, but also your own territory that you can canvas and maximize your income potential. (We can expound on this part together).

So I ask you... are you ready to deliver the luxury that so many dream to own?


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