South Florida Putting Green Extravagance

How a backyard putting green can become your golf paradise.

Home Putting Solutions takes your ideas and dreams and brings them into reality.  Whether you are looking for a synthetic lawn, putting green, athletic field or pet area... We can accomodate you.

Boca Raton, Florida is the area we go for this week's showcase putting green.

This gem is the result of the homeowner, landscape company and Home Putting Solutions joining forces and working together.  What started as an empty lot became literally an oasis of entertainment and functionality.   Building projects within desired parameters including budgetary, wants and needs are something that Home Putting Solutions does very well.  In order to give putting greens a unique flair we will often tier the green to have that extra “feel like the real thing” option.   The back portion of the putting green was raised approximately 2 – 3 inches above the front which allows for left to right, right to left putts.  If you’ll notice on the right front of the putting green we incorporated a 5’ x 5’ hitting mat or Tee-Line.  This allows the golfer to chip onto the green or set up his portable hitting net and swing away with his driver or fairway wood. 

The Tee-Line that Home Putting Solutions offers accepts a golf tee and holds the ball just like you were teeing off from a real tee area.

The putting turf used is part of our exclusive Putter’s Edge PAR line.  Unlike most of our putting green competitors…ours has the option to choose turf with different stimp speeds… so as a golfer you can choose the turf that most replicates your favorite golf course. 

Join the ranks of many looking for an entertainment area, serious golfers wanting to improve their game (our turf has a proven track record for improvement), fellow PGA golf instructors that want to use one of the best synthetic putting turfs in the business, a beautiful lawn for your pets, or an oasis to just have fun…. Home Putting Solutions has what you need, want and desire.

We would love the to meet you, share more stories and perhaps put together your Dream Green.

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