Putting Green Synthetic Turf Company EXPANDING into Central and Northern Florida

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn your..... passion for golf, a well-manicured lawn, athletic fields, safe and dry areas for pet and children to play in.....into your daily playground?  Home Putting Solutions'' owner can tell you.

  Find what your passion is, figure out a way to make a living at it and you will never work a day in your life.    

 Home Putting Solutions LLC has been owned and operated by Lavon and Shana Zehr since 2008.  They began serving the Midwest and realized that there was alot of other people with whom they could share this wonderful synthetic turf product and their passion with in other parts of the country.  So they took their expertise in construction of greens, sand bunkers, golf course aesthetics, irrigation, project management and the best synthetic turf in the industry and expanded to Southern Florida in 2012.  As a champion in the industry they have installed hundreds of backyard putting greens, synthetic turf athletic fields, pet areas and playgrounds to name a few.  Their customers consist of teaching professionals, college coaches, PGA members, professional athletes, those of "star" magnitude, golfers looking to improve their game, and some who want a safe & clean environment for their children and pets.... and many more!

Now 2019......they have the luxury to bring their craft and cutting edge products to more Floridians.  Thanks to Putters Edge Custom Greens and their incredible putting, lawn and athletic turf, Home Putting Solutions will be meeting the needs and desires of a larger area.

If you are in Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytone Beach, St. Augustine, Melbourne.....or anywhere in the Northern, Central, Eastern or South Florida area....they will be able to make your turf desires become a reality.

Home Putting Solutions' hands-on approach from concept to completion allows the customers to be involved from dream to design to finished product.

From youth to senior, HPS, has every stage of golfing need available.  With a line-up of exclusive PAR (Pure Absolute Roll) turf we can meet your desired outcome.  Our turf line has four (4) different stimp speeds in which you can work with.  The premium lawn turf fits any playground or pet needs.....and of course the premier athletic turf has been installed in places like the Jacksonville Sportsplex, colleges, military bases, many Crossfit gyms and others.

There is no way to go wrong with a turf project done by Home Putting Solutions.  They really can "transform your backyard...transform your game.



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