Drainage an issue? Not for Home Putting Solutions' Customers

 “Hey, Lavon here ….. Just thought I would stop in and update all the golfers and synthetic turf / lawn advocates about the recent increase in demand for our world class Ultra Base Panel Boards.  Over the past few months we have been installing more and more panel board based jobs”.

 “There are many benefits to using our panel boards that not only we have learned but our clientele as well after multiple installations. Before, it would require the use of much more aggregate as a base layer that our exclusive foundation would typically lay on top of for drainage purposes but with the Ultra Base panels that already provide an unprecedented amount of not only vertical but also horizontal drainage, percolation is no issue…. which in turn allows for a more efficient installation process.

 If you are looking for an extremely durable and professional looking putting green or back yard, a panel board installation may be exactly what you need.



 Every golfer wishes they could just go in their backyard and practice…Well this customer truly can go in their backyard for a golf practice session.

The project started out as just a putting green on the 23 acres, but with a few design ideas, turned into a fabulous 1,200 Sq Ft practice facility that includes two greens.  The customer wanted to create an area that had exceptional chipping features as well as a tournament speed putting green.  With the use of UltraBaseSystems Panels we were able to create a one-of-kind integrated green complex with chipping and putting greens.

The first green is 42′ x 19′ with six flags.  It has a raised area on one end and enough undulation to simulate all types of putts.

The second green is an integrated 15′ x 8′ chipping green that will hold shots from 70 yards and in with one hole.  There are two permanent 6′ x 6′ chipping stations at 15 and 25 yards with a moveable station that can be positioned up to 75 yards away and at different angles.

The green complex is very detailed with many design features which required a lot of special shaping of the UltraBaseSystems Panels and the Putters Edge putting turf and fringe.  The most amazing thing is that this project only required two days to install once the ground preparation was complete

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